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Horsehair and Equestrian Jewellery by Monika

"It's about the special horses in our lives that leave their hoofprints forever on our hearts" ~ Custom Horsehair Keepsakes, Gifts & more.

Made by me in NSW Australia | Worn worldwide.

Horsehair and Equestrian Jewellery.
Don't forget to get your custom Christmas orders in by October 20. After that I won't be guaranteeing any to be ready for Christmas, but I will have special cards to give, letting your recipient know something special is coming their way.
~ Monika

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Handmade Custom Horsehair Jewellery

Living Horse Tails offers a range of Handmade Equestrian and Horsehair Jewellery, Bracelets, Earrings, Keepsakes, Gifts and other items using your horsehair or horse tail hair I have in stock.

Posted from NSW Australia, with happy customers worldwide.

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