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that special bond


Most of the items on this site can be made with your horse hair, and will have an order option on the page. If for some reason this is not showing up as an option, let me know and I will be able to tell you if it can be done.For more details on how much hair is needed, where to cut and post to

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  • "What a lovely caring person Monika is. I am so glad I entrusted my precious horses mane and tail to her, now I will have my horses with me for ever Thank you Monika"
    - Caroline Pearce
  • "You have no idea how much it meant to have this bracelet and earrings set made from my best friend that I had to say goodbye to after 20 years together. Thank you for this stunning keepsake which allows me to keep him close to me forever."
    - Amanda
  • Monika stands out as a designer in keepsake jewelry, the pieces are as delicate as your memories.
    - Kim Maree
  • "Monika is amazing and I highly recommend her to entrust your precious horse hair too. She is patient and understanding in what it means to make something special to honour your horses memory. Monika’s work is absolutely beautiful and her attention to detail with that personal touch is what I loved the most. "
    - Soph Linke


Love one of the pieces on my website, but would like to use your own horse tail?

Want to combine more than 1 horse? All those options are availble.

Living Horse Tails - Handmade Horsehair Bracelets, Keepsakes, Gifts and more using real horse hair by Living Horses. Made in Australia,  Shipped Worldwide.

Made in Australia and delivered Worldwide.