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Double Up DIY Horsehair Jewellery Kits

Make your own horse tail hair jewelry jewellery diy kits

If you love horses and art and craft and want a fun activity to create your own special horsehair keepsakes or jewellery, then these kits are a must for you.

Even better are these new Double Up Kits, which include a bracelet and keyring in the one kit. Just choose your favourite colour and go.

Each kit will come with carefully selected hardware and an accessories pack contains thread and super glue.

All you need to add, is the horse tail hair, and follow the included written instructions, or watch and subscribe to my YouTube channel


So why wait, order your kit now.

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Handmade Custom Horsehair Jewellery

Living Horse Tails offers a range of Handmade Equestrian and Horsehair Jewellery, Bracelets, Earrings, Keepsakes, Gifts and other items using your horsehair or horse tail hair I have in stock.

Posted from NSW Australia, with happy customers worldwide.

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