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Love heart braided Horsehair earrings

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Ear Wire
Living Horse Tails Jewellery by Monika

Yes, return my hair
No, don't return hair
I don't have any. Use stock hair

Lovely delicate horsehair braided earrings measuring about 6 - 7 cm overall.

Finished off on your choice of stainless steel or sterling wire ear hooks.

Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for these to be made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally Tail Hair is best suited for braided bracelets and most pieces, however mane can be used for some items also.

As a general guide I will require at least 40 cm in length, and the thickness of a pencil / pinky, when twisted tight.

However, the more you send the better, and I can return what I do not use.

Read more here

I will wash what hair I use, so there is no need for you to do this.

Send your horsehair with tracking and contact details / invoice # to:

Living Horse Tails

PO Box 1341

Goulburn NSW 2580


📞 m: 478171430